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Mo Report

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Put in on the upper part today, (First time out this spring)
Nothing the first hour, came across a nice looking hole and started throwing spawn. Then I thought I`d put out a plug.
That thing just got down and SLAM chrome on. After a brief battle, Boated a nice steelie. It was a darkey but Hey what a way To start. I put the plug right back in the same spot and SLAM another steelie, just that quick. This one was fresh & bigger, yeah I was happy. Two fish in 5 min. Fished for another couple hours and nothing. got back at the lounch and the D.N.R. was there, the weighted both fish, the first was 9lbs even and the second was 10lb 7ozs. We then drove down to the lower end of the river. Not a hit the rest of the day. The water was up and had a nice stain to it. The water down river had a lot of debris floating around, a couple of good size logs came past me that look twice.
The D.N.R. said that was only the second fresh fish they have seen. So they must be starting to run, Bring on the rain.

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Thanks for the report. Glad you ran into some fish.
Nice report

It's always sweet when you set up on top of them. ;)
Bookmaker, what type of and color of plugs worked?
Sweet! Going to the Betsie for the april 3rd weekend.
Jeeze. We hit the river at 7:00 and floated from Croton to Thornapple. We didn't get a single hit back-trolling with plugs. It was a calm, cold, foggy, rainy morning. Tried medium and big hot&tots, dark colors, bright colors, etc. I did get some cool pictures though. I'll post them later.

The plug was a chrome & blue ladder back Producer, The large one I think its a #5.

Our paths must have crossed, cuz we were at the pine street at 7:00.
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