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Mitchells bay Report

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Mitchells bay is heavily stained to mud from back bay to
bass haven. Look to the haven for gin water by mid week.
Goose lake is gin clear with a few good fish, most fish look
at your bait and turn away. Canals from the lighthouse to
the bay are dead. A few of my buddies found a mass group
of Cals and gills with only a half a 5 gal between the 3 of em.
The under water cam telled the story " Loaded with mouths
wide SHUT". It seems if you find fish they are shut down.
The thames is ice covered and not near thick enough ,or let
alone clean enough to try . Im sure favourable results will
happen by mid week .

tight lines

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Thanks Fishawn. I was coming midweek but I might just wait till the water clears a bit. Hows the ice at St Lukes.
dan I'm thinking of doing Sat and Sun. at Mitchells bay . With any luck the water will clear up.
I will probably go to Mitchells thursday, or Friday. Hopefully they are still in close. Otherwise I will head northwest to walpole. I'll let you guy's know.
Change in plans . It looks like tomorrow is the day. Anybody else gonna be at Mitchell's ? At least all the ice that took off on the American side should be heading right over there.
I can't make it until Friday Good luck
Are you able to get to the fish, on foot? I'm sure they don't have the "taxi" running now, do they?
I am not sure about the Taxi. We are bringing sleds, but I'm not all that crazy about it. I run with a few old dudes, and they aren't into walking. My buddy's contact runs the bait shop right at Mitchell's, Randy is is name. he told Ray there is a good 6" of ice .. Hopefully she'll make more tonight. You know Mitchell's though, vigilance is the key. I hope we don't have to run out to far to get on them anyway. If we get into them good Ed I'll PM you tomorrow. If it is good I will be back on Friday, and maybe even if it ain't.
the water is still a little cloudy, anywhere from 1 to 3 ft of visibilty. I managed about thirty. But I had to move alot ,and they weren't all that big. Through back quite a few little ones. It was near whiteout conditions out there all day. Probably at least 6" of snow by the time I left. Hopefully the wind will clear it off again. I will probably go back friday.
Chuck1 1 to 3 foot vis. is better in 2" last weekend. How far out did you fish? We will be heading out around 5 pm Friday to get some Crapie fishing in or bar time, Get a hotel and hit the ice first light Sat. If the fishing is slow we'll fish Selfridge Sunday. Did you see if they are running the Taxi out yet?
The Taxi was not running yesterday. I think Randy was going to start this weekend. We were on sleds ,and quads. We fished all the was out to the first crack. There was ice beyond it. But being basicly blizzard conditions we weren't playing the role of trailbreakers yesterday. The guy's using minnows were doing better. We use spoons only. I had 29 . most were 8-9" a couple were a little less had a couple were much nicer. You ought to be hitting it pretty good on saturday. The one Canadian guy I talked to said he slammed them all week til yesterday, when the crowding started. A little advice. When fishing 6" of ice over 3 ft of water noise is not good. Gas augers should be used sparingly , or not at all, and Don't leave your quad sit there running for a half hour while your loading your gear. Like the idiot by me yeaterday. I'll be back on friday. Hopefully the snow blows off. As usual the ice on mitchells is Jagged, so if you are towing a shanty take care , it will tear it up.
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