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Just drove from Oak Co across the Blue through CanADuh to upstate NY, the Big Apple (You can keep the Bronx tyvm !) and now I'm in Philly - headed to Pitts and then on to Ohio.

NOT A BIT OF ICE TO BE SEEN _ _ _ ANYwhere !!:sad: Not even skim ice on the smaller lakes/ponds.

Just thought you'd like to know we're not alone :mad: Sounds like another thaw setting in tomorrow too

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You sure do get around...next trip out there, drop me off in Baltimore, ok? :p

Want to go see the kid, relieves the winter doldrums up here...we're going to do a whale watching tour-ya, believe it or not, humpbacks have been wintering in the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay for the past 10 years or so...

And come on up here sometime, we miss you! We do have ice here, not much, and not all of it safe, but we do have ice.

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chuckinduck said:
You didn't see any lakes in Oakland county that had ice? Hmm, wonder what that was I was sitting on last sunday then?
I'm sure he drove by every lake in Oakland co. before he left for his trip...
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