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Mink on the Rise ?

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We caught 3 mink locally and 2 up north for a total of 5 this season.I've personally seen about a dozen in the last year.Numerous deer hunters we ran into,claimed to have seen them also.When,I, was young(1960s'),they had been almost deleted in this area.Now they seem to be abundant.Anyone,else,seem to notice this?Most of them,I,saw was while I was fishing,but we also saw a few while running our trapline.
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I saw one back in mid-Oct while out duck hunting.I haven't trapped since the late 80's. Back then finding a mink in your conibear set up in a muskrat runway was like gold ! I took 2 back then and it was a real treat at $30 a pop,when rats were going at $4-$5. I never skinned or stretched mine .Just froze em and when I had s few I'd just bring em in to the local fur buyer the
Can you tell me what Mink and muskrats are bringing these days ?
I'm not sure what they closed at last season.The guy I helped belongs to North American Fur Co.,I'll ask him this evening and get back with you.He said that prices are predicted to go up this year,as most of the fur goes to Russia,and there economy is better this year.He held his furs last year,because of low prices,but said there was a significant rise at the May sale,and is predicted to rise even further this year.
The big consistent farm mink is what is holding the market down. Averages are $10-12 for the bucks and $6-8 for the females put up complete. $2 less if on the hoof. Rats are running around $2.85 avg., also put up.

I don't mind the seemingly low prices, as I have less competition on the mink line, and most other trappers in my area are after the coyotes and Fox, as there has been a little increase in their demand and price. Far less trappers still running these days it seems.
I,talked to my mentor last night,and he said almost the same thing as mallard.He started off talking about how the large mink farms in Scandinavia,were keeping the price down.Then he said that a large grade A,#1,prime,with no flaws would draw $15 and down,and females about half.
If you dont get the prices you want you could sell mink as fly tying supply on ebay.
I have 4 this year and I've seen alot more this year than in past but I've always seen alot in my area.
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