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A recent thread got my head back in the game on sauerkraut. I happened to have 1 jar of kraut left from last year, a fresh pack of pork in the fridge and no power after tonights 7:30ish storm. Long stroy short, my wife and kids ended up fed with take out, I landed 2 mostly free chili dogs (yuck) courtesy of a monthly club meeting.

Upon returning home with an appetite, I reviewed options with my wife. Told her I can only perform 2 tasks without electricity and 1 requires a female's participation. She said I better light up the gas stove. Dammit. I was hoping for a 2-fer.

Accepting the beer isn't going to get any colder, I figured WTH. My wife said the premise of sauerkraut soup sounded gross to her. But like my own creation, salmon sausage (which she ended up requesting I make again), and liking sauerkraut and borstch from prior times I cooked, I knew she would be a customer for kapustnyak.

Stuff turned out great, lots of flavor just like I remember my mom making it.

Stay away from me in the office tomorrow morning LOL.

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