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Mid Michigan Boat and Outdoors Show

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Does anybody have information on tackle vendors for this show?

A few years ago it wasn't bad and got a few deals on lures and tackle. However, last year left something to be desired.
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Yeah this is what I am trying to figure out also. It is this coming weekend. I went two years ago and it wasn’t that good. I’m trying to get walleye line counter trolling combos and other tackle. I’m trying to decide if I should go there or north woods on Sunday
I sent them a email. See if they respond with a list of vendors
I've decided to skip it. I'm going to go to the big one in Grand Rapids next weekend.
Originally I wanted to go to that one but, it is my weekend to work 12 hrs
Serious question... Is it not worth going to GR? I have found that the expos usually have some pretty good deals going.
That I hear is a pretty good show. My brother is traveling from Frankfort to attend
Yeah don’t waste your time one booth selling tackle all boats. Went to pinconing
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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