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Michigan's Northern Land Prices Are A Steal

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One of the guys that I worked with moved down to Alabama for work outside of the construction field. He E-mailed me this website.

I thought Michigan rural land prices had gone through the roof. I stand corrected, guess it's only a matter of perspective.

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All that looks in line for prices by me. The lady who owns the 12 acres next to me is thinking about listing her land. She's a real estate agent and says $36,000 is the going rate. The 40 across the road just sold for $95,000 and it's mostly flat, open scrub grassland. An ugly, nothing special parcel. Nothing you'd want for hunting and it went for $2375 an acre. It's $2500-3000 an acre for small parcels and $2000-2500 an acre for larger parcels in northern Newaygo. The agent across the street from the shop says he's buying small parcels for $3000 because it's been going up at least 10% a year with no end in sight.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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