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Michigan's Northern Land Prices Are A Steal

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One of the guys that I worked with moved down to Alabama for work outside of the construction field. He E-mailed me this website.

I thought Michigan rural land prices had gone through the roof. I stand corrected, guess it's only a matter of perspective.

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This is what I'm used to, this is a copy paste from an EUP realtor. I did edit out some info since this is not a sponsor of this site but the rest is just as it's listed. Rico's families land is for sale and it falls in line with these listings.

161 Acres all wooded with large trees, borders State Land, 20' x 24' cabin $175,000

110 Acre farm, large barn, grainery, loafing shed, 2-car garage, all fenced, artesian well, pond,

281 ACRES all wooded, 28 foot travel trailer, hunting blinds & trails, on seasonal county road

320 Acres wooded hunting land with remote access, two ponds
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1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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