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Michigan's Northern Land Prices Are A Steal

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One of the guys that I worked with moved down to Alabama for work outside of the construction field. He E-mailed me this website.

I thought Michigan rural land prices had gone through the roof. I stand corrected, guess it's only a matter of perspective.

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Where I live in rural Washtenaw County, last summer property was going for 10K per acre for high ground and 5K an acre for swamp. The closer you get to Ann Arbor, the higher the prices gets. I just had a Realtor knock on my door to see if I was interested in selling my land and he said priced have gone up since last year and that they have more buyers than sellers. That seems to be the case all around the state, which is keeping real-estate prices and especially vacant land values on the rise. The UP seems to be the only place to have stabilized in the past couple years, probably due to the economy. In the rest of the state the vacant land real-estate market is booming and that trend is not likely to change until the Baby Boomers start dying off.
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