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Don`t forget to watch the show tonight. Perch`in with some of the M-S`ers including Walleye Mike. 9:30pm on chanell 56. Good going guy`s.
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Also on at 9pm on WFUM out of Flint. Another PBS station.
Only thing you'll see of me would be in a group shot.

I had no lines!! They wouldn't let me talk. LOL

I think she did interview IFN, Don and I think Treeman whose shanty she shared.
My 2 holes were bad luck so jenny didn't even come by my shanty:p

Can't wait to see sunday when I get home
I can't wait to see that interview.... I got a feeling Steve has not slept since... LOL Nut and Don on TV... who would have dunked that...
Man, I hope those guys don't get to big of heads being on T V and all:D I will definetly check out the show, usually don't see "The Pond" on ice fishing shows.
Jenny can't be single!!! She is cute, can hunt and fish better than a lot of us and probably has a nicer boat than me....What a catch!!!
I tell yea a women that every man of this sight is looking for, except Mario M his wife is out every day on the ice with him
SEEN IT!!! It is on TV here in the Lansing area right now! Too cool seeing you fellas on TV.
I just saw it too. That was pretty cool. Great job guys.
Just saw the show.
I thought I`d see at least one Mich. sportsman Banner, or some kind of advertising. Never the less, excellent job guys.
Nice job guys!
Yeah, that was odd, but Steve didnt want advertising for some reason. It was just on again on Detroit Public TV.
I also seen show it mentioned this site cool I reconize that don guy from this site forgot his screen name
It's cool to see some fellow members from the site get rewarded with some TV exposure. Nice segment guys!!
The site was mentioned verbally at the begining of the clip. I thought it was a great clip. I liked how she mentioned about the safety of icefishing. Finally a positive comment on icefishing

Great segment! She actually mentioned how most people hadn't met before; how y'all hooked up on the Internet under Michigan-Sportsman.com!

Recognized N_O, kbkrause, and IFN. Group shot was too quick to pick anyone out. What is the screen name of the member Jenny spent so much time with? Way cool watching him spear perch!

OK, after this type of exposure, we'll hit 10,000 members in no time! :rolleyes:
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Awsome Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cool:
1 - 20 of 72 Posts
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