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michigan hunting dog federation

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i brought this topic up a while ago and was asking about the federation and all. well i am going to be joining next week for sure now. i ended up meeting one of the directors and chatted with him for about 2 1/2 hours or so in his barn at his house. he is a real good guy with a passion for all types of hunting. i didnt know it but he lives about 30 seconds from my buddy. i knew who he was since he has hounds too but never had met him until now. we talked about and showed each other our hounds, he showed us his deer mounts on his basement walls and he told us about the michigan hunting dog federation. sounds to be a great group and they are lobbying and fighting hard for us hunting dog owners and for hunting in general.

i urge all of the other hunting dog owners out there to join if you are not already a member.
here is their website; www.michiganhuntingdogs.com

later, dave
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Yeah, they look like a good organization. I joined a Woods and Water Weekend last September after he showed me all the work they did for the "Free Cast" rule in Michigan.
If you own a dog you should be a member of the Michigan Hunting Dog Federation, They are lobbying for our rights in Lansing every day
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