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The Michigan House passed The Dove Bill (HB6147) yesterday afternoon
(Tuesday, November 28), at 4:15 PM by a margin of 56-45, with 8 members of
the House not voting (see the voting summary at the end of this message).
We needed 55 votes to get this through the House, so we won by a narrow
margin. Several amendments were defeated, including an absurd amendment by
Democrat Rose Bogardus to add robins, cardinals and all other songbirds to
the list of huntable species here in Michigan.

Immediately upon passage of the bill, Democrat House representative Liz
Brater from Ann Arbor submitted a request for reconsideration of the bill.
Since it was in writing, the vote for reconsideration of the bill will not
occur until today (Wednesday, November 29). If the request for
reconsideration was made orally, then the vote could have occurred
yesterday. This is only a vote to reconsider the bill in the House, and
typically these votes travel along party lines. Since the bill was
sponsored by a Republican, and there is a Republican majority in the house,
we expect the move for reconsideration to fail. The vote for
reconsideration will need at least 55 votes to succeed. This bit of
political shenanigans will, however, cost us a precious day on the bill
getting over to the Senate.

We expect the bill to face a very tough fight in the Senate.

Action Item 1: This morning, at 10:30, the bill's sponsor, Sue Tabor, or
someone else familiar with this bill, will be on WJR to deliver the facts on
mourning doves. The number to call in and support Sue is 313-875-4480.
Please call and voice your support for this bill.

Action Item 2: Contact your house representative, and based on the results
of their voting yesterday (see below), either thank them for their vote in
favor of HB6147, express your displeasure in their vote against HB6147, or
chastise them if they didn't cast a vote. We need to shore up support to
defeat the move to reconsider the bill that will be voted on today. Make
sure that you have all of your family and friends do the same.

Action Item 3: Start contacting the Senate (see the list below), especially
the senator from your area, and encourage them to take up HB6147 and pass
it, WITH NO AMENDMENTS. It is extremely important that this bill is not
amended in any way, as this would require it to go back to the house, and
there simply is not enough time for this!
To contact your State Senator, go to the web and simply follow these
* Go to the Wildlife Legislative Fund of America web site at www.wlfa.org.
* Scroll down and click on "Guide to the States".
* Click on the state of Michigan.
* Enter your Zip Code (+4 if you know it), or browse the list.
* Click on your Michigan State Senator's name and it will give you all
info, including phone no. and e-mail address.

Action Item 4: We will also need to pay special attention to Senator Phil
Hoffman (517-373-2426), who chairs the committee on Hunting and Fishing that
will be hearing this legislation. Senator David Jaye introduced a similar
bill, but because it is worded differently than HB6147, we need to make sure
that the senate picks up HB6147 and moves on it, not David Jaye's bill.
There is not enough time to get Jaye's senate bill passed, get it over to
the house, get it passed, work out the differences in conference committee
and get it passed again by the house and senate and onto Governor Engler's
desk by the 15th of December. This is the very last date that the bill can
hit Governor Engler's desk, in order for him to not sign it, and have the
bill still become law (a process called sine die). If it hits his desk
after the 15th of December and he doesn't sign the bill, it will die on his
desk. He could also veto the bill, but if it gets to his desk by the 15th
of December, then he doesn't have to sign it or veto it, and it will still
become law. This way, we give him a way to save face politically, but still
get the bill into law.

A key element in the Senate Committee on Hunting and Fishing will be Diane
Byrum (517-373-1734). She ran on a pro-hunting campaign, and it will be
very important to convince her to support this legislation. It looks like
she may vote NO at this time. Committee member Bill Bullard (571-373-3758)
will probably be a NO vote, because he supposedly has ties to the Humane
Society. Harry Gast (517-373-6960) is a questionable vote, and needs to be
pressured. Phil Hoffman (517-373-2426) should be OK, as should Chris Dingell
(517-373-7800), but please contact all the members of this committee by
phone. Fax them letters, too, in support of moving this legislation.

Action Item 5: Senate Majority Leader Dan DeGrow (517-373-7708, FAX:
517-373-1450) must be persuaded to move this bill immediately from the
senate floor to Hoffman's committee, and then once it passes Senator
Hoffman's committee, it needs to pass the Senate quickly.

Please, please, please take some time, today if possible, to take care of
the Action Items above. Thank you!

If you have further questions, you can contact Jim Shaeffer at:
[email protected]

Results of HB6147 In the House of Representatives:

YEAS - 56, NAYS - 45, NOT VOTING - 8 (55 votes needed to pass)

Y N NV Who Party
= = == ============ =====
Y Allen R
N Baird D
Y Basham D
Y Birkholz R
Y Bisbee R
Y Bishop R
N Bogardus D
Y Bovin D
Y Bradstreet R
N Brater D
N Brewer D
Y Brown, B. D
N Brown, C. R
N Byl R
N Callahan D
Y Cassis R
Y Caul R
N Cherry D
N Clark, I. D
N Clark, H. D
N Daniels D
Y DeHart D
N Dennis D
Y DeRossett R
Y DeVuyst R
Y DeWeese R
Y Ehardt R
NV Faunce R
Y Frank D
Y Garcia R
N Garza D
N Geiger R
N Gieleghem D
Y Gilbert R
N Godchaux R
Y Gosselin R
Y Green R
Y Hager R
N Hale D
N Hanley D
N Hansen D
N Hardman D
Y Hart R
Y Howell R
N Jacobs D
N Jamnick D
Y Jansen R
N Jelenick R
N Jellema R
Y Johnson, Rick R
N Johnson, Ruth R
Y Julian R
N Kelly D
NV Kilpatrick D
Y Koetje R
Y Kowall R
Y Kuipers R
Y LaForge R
NV LaSota R
N Law R
N Lemmons D
N Lockwood D
Y Mans D
N Martinez D
Y Mead R
N Middaugh R
N Minore D
Y Mortimore R
Y Neumann D
N O'Neil D
Y Pappageorge R
Y Patterson R
Y Perricone R
Y Pestka D
N Price D
NV Prusi D
Y Pumford R
N Quarles D
Y Raczkowski R
N Reeves D
Y Richardville R
N Richner R
N Rison D
Y Rivet D
Y Rocca R
Y Sanborn R
Y Schauer D
NV Schermesser D
NV Scott D
Y Scranton R
Y Schackleton R
Y Sheltrown D
Y Shulman R
NV Spade D
N Stallworth D
N Stamas R
N Switalski D
Y Tabor R
Y Tesanovich D
N Thomas D
Y Toy R
Y Van Woerkom R
Y Vander Roest R
N Vaugnn D
Y Vear R
Y Voorhees R
N Wojno D
N Woodward D
NV Woronchak R


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Awww,shucks Steve!
I didn't see this post,and posted the same thing but not in near as much detail.
Do me a favor and scratch mine,as yours is soooo much better!Sorry dude,I got all pumped up from a MCRGO update concerning this,I admit I didn't look before I leaped!
Great news!Sorry,and thanks!Pat :)

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This is great info Steve. Thanks! I called Byrums office and expressed my feelings. I helped her out with her outdoor outing while representing Pheasants Forever and reminded her "aide" of that I talked with when I called.

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Michigan's House Bill 6147, sponsored by Representative Susan Tabor (R-Eaton), to establish a
mourning dove hunting season has passed the Michigan House of Representatives by a vote of 56 to
45. This bill, which passed the House Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Committee by a margin of
10-4, will now move to the Senate.

Be aware, the animal rights community will not let this bill slide through the legislature. The Humane
Society of the United States, Fund for Animals and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty
to Animals all testified against the bill.

Michigan sportsmen and sportswomen should take immediate action to support dove hunting in your
state!! Call your state senator and encourage him or her to vote in favor of House Bill 6147.

The Bill will have a hearing at 3pm in the Senate Hunting and Fishing Committee(Chaired by Senator Hoffman) on Thursday November 30. Please call your Senator in support of this bill.

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good luck michigan!!!!!!! and when it does pass be ready for a fight and if i had to bet it will make a ballot vote soon too but the fight is worth it us buckeye's just had our fourth or fifth season and dove hunting is a great time not to mention they are tastie little morsels on the dinner table
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