It is the dream of most hunters to own their own slice of hunting and fishing heaven. Perhaps it is that you wish to have your own camp set up just as you envisioned in a location that offers access to great hunting opportunities as well as enabling you to fish as you wish. Whatever the dream in your head may be, it is sometimes hard to attain. It could be that your ideal property is not offered for sale or even that the price tag attached to that land is beyond your means. Whichever the case, many of us need a break in order to get the property of our dreams whether we will use it as a future home site or for recreational purposes. While that often needed break can sometimes be elusive, that doesn't mean it will never come. In fact, it may be upon us right now.

It has recently been announced that the Michigan Department of Natural Resources is planning to part ways with some property. This will take place beginning on January, 12th, 2016 and will come to a close on February 10th, 2016. During that time, 22 parcels will be up for grabs. These parcels vary in size from less than an acre on up to 240 acres which would be plenty of land to make that dream hunting and fishing camp a reality. The land is located in areas of the eastern Upper Peninsula as well as northern lower Michigan in the counties of Alpena, Arenac, Cheboygan, Chippewa, Crawford, Gladwin, Mackinac, and St. Clair. Six properties in particular that make up 680 acres plus and are located in Adams Township, Arenac County.

The reason behind this sale is that the properties in question are said to be more suitable as private owned properties than continued DNR resources. This is mainly due to distances from other parcels of land owned by the DNR which can make maintenance and upkeep difficult. On top of that, using the land for public recreation is not always feasible, so the best option is to let it go. Depending on the parcel, forested areas may be present as well as waterfront access. A full list of available properties can be viewed here.

There are some things to keep in mind when it comes to purchasing one of these properties, however. One of those is a minimum bid which must be met. Depending on the parcel you choose, this minimum bid could be less than $1,000 on up to $195,000. The key words that are important to remember here are minimum bid; there is no guarantee land will be secured at those prices so that needs to be considered before entering the bidding arena.

Other items of note are that land is being sold 'as is where is' and it is up to the buyer to determine zoning ordinances and if they correspond with plans for use. There are no guarantees made about the properties in terms of things such as accessibility and all sales are final so there is no refund if you have a change of heart. It is also necessary that any new construction on these parcels be built with the 100 year flood plain in mind as flooding is possible in some areas. Also, if hazardous materials are found to exist on the property, cleanup will be the responsibility of the new owner. More information about terms and conditions can be found here.

Although it may require some work, this auction could be the opportunity to secure some great property at a decent price. Just be sure to do your research before you bid and find a property that works for you. In the end, you may wind up with just what you wanted at a great price where you can watch all your hunting and fishing dreams become a reality on land it is all your own.