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Many of you came to our big mega-sale earlier this summer. I'm holding another - THE FINAL BLOW-OUT - this Sunday for one day only. As you know, most items are high-end hunting and fishing gear, and many will be brand new, at a fraction of retail price. An example of what will be on-hand:
  • Ice fishing gear: rods, reels, likely a shanty or two. Augers, power / drill augers, heater, line, lures, etc. Again, mainly high-end stuff, mainly for targeting St. Clair panfish.
  • Waterfowl: decoys, more decoys (mallard floaters). Dog gear. Neoprene waders. Camo / boat gear. Spinners, gear boxes, goose gear, layout blind. Apparel: lightly used and new. High-end, recent stuff in working conditions, cleaned, dried, stored correctly.
  • Fishing: bass gear. Rods, lures, soft plastics. TONS of brand-new tackle boxes of various sizes and types, including Plano 3600 / 3700.
  • Boating: Right now, I have two bass boat propellors (Mercury Fury 25 pitch - USED ONE TIME - like new condition) and Mercury High Five 25 pitch - decent condition. Also, I will likely have more boat gear.
  • Other: Plano shelving units for garage
Note: To avoid wasting anyone's time, there won't be any muskie gear, or walleye trolling gear.

ATTENTION: This sale is Sunday, Aug 22 only. Hours are 3-7 PM. DOORS WILL REMAIN CLOSED UNTIL 3PM SHARP.
At that time, we will conduct the sale in an orderly manner, and have items outside for easy shopping and viewing.

Location: 39594 Detroit St. - Harrison Twp.
Approximately one mile from Metro Beach - near Jefferson and South River.

Questions / etc: e-mail [email protected]. Questions / PM's will not be answered on this site.
Please do not e-mail me and ask me to give special consideration / deals / sales prior to sale date. It's simply not fair to everyone. Thank You.
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