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Me, Myself and I....

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I'm Chris...a Pisces who enjoys, red wine, James Taylor ballads, and romantic strolls on a moon lit beach. I'm also into Tantric.....whoa!! Wrong site!lol

Starting over.....I'm Chris. At work I'm called many colorful metaphors that I can't post here, but once in a while someone calls me Chef. I really like my job: Art, Science, and Mayhem all rolled into one. Playing with sharp knives, boiling water, boiling oil and fire are just the icing on the cake, yet somehow I keep it all together.

Fishing is my real passion. I turn 30 in March, and I first fished the Huron River when I was about 3. I've been lucky enough to bring many different species of fish to hand on this river, yet I still feel like I have much to learn.

I can't really classify myself as an angler. I do a little of everything: Bait, plugs, spinners, flies...I'll use whatever technique I'm most comfortable with at the moment. Most of the flies I fish I tie myself, I also make most of the inline spinners that I use. I keep a vegetable garden and pluck dozens of crawlers from it every year, and I'm in the process of building a minnow trap.

I chase both warmwater and coldwater species. Bass, Trout, Muskie, Steelhead, Carp, Salmon.....etc I also enjoy Panfish through the ice.

Other than that, I like strong ale, good whiskey, and The Grateful Dead.:)

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Ya just gotta get out with other guys more often..........LOL!
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