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just got back from Bolles Harbor (shore fishing) and stopped in at Matthew's Bait Shop. he isn't open yet. the grand opening is set for March 31st (next saturday).

he isn't going to be a "grocery store", but has some pop and a few snacks. he is carrying both walleye and bass tackle, and already has minnows in the tank. didn't get to talk to him much, so wasn't able to get any bait or tackle prices.

he did mention that he is the nephew (or cousin) of the owner of Bottomline Bait and Tackle at the entrance of Lake Erie Metropark. hopefully, he stocks his store similar to Bottomline.....that store has EVERYTHING you need for walleye, perch and smallies.

no i am not a spokesperson, nor am i affiliated with either store.....just getting the word out....:fish:
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