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Marriage saver

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Ok.....I know we all have had a funny experience loading or unloading a boat but I think I found the solution......Trailer Guides!!!!
Our first trailerable was a 17 ft Sylvan. I was used to using dads 18ft Starcraft with bunks but our Sylvan had rollers. Went to Indiana to try it out(ramps were in) and after a great day, here come disaster. Backed down the Ez-Loader way to far so rollers were buried. After over 1 hour, a kind man come and told me to keep the front rollers just out of the water and let the trailer do the work.I LOVED HIM!
The next 2 were 22' and 26' Searays w/t Ez-Loaders and np at all!
Last year got a 16 ft aluminum with a Shorelander bunk trailer new and those bunks were starting to get on my and my wifes nerves. Come fall, wife wouldnt even go(NP). After a winter of thinking, I bought the guides and yesterday loading was actually a pleasure. Wife had doubts so last night we went to the ramp and unloaded and reloaded.....she actually smiled.
In closing...When momma is happy....daddy gets some!!!!:lol:
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MUSHY1 said:
Well said my man.....Glad to see some married people still get some!!!!:yikes:

That's why God made fishing!
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