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Man you should of seen the thousands 12-11-03

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Man you should of seen the thousands of canvasbacks, buffleheads and bluebill out on lake St. Clair today the sky was dark from all the flocks flying around. Funny how they know when the hunters are gone. Also there are a good number of geese working the area right now.
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get a crack at those geese next week...we had a HUGE flock of several hundred right in front of my house all last week, they must have left just before the snow we got last night-no sign of any geese in the area for more than three days...:(
I don't think it has much to do with hunters pushing them--Mother Nature didn't until just lately.

And watch, we will be frozen solid come January...:(
...just due to migration but
they really look like they're just rubbing it in:rolleyes: :D
On my way to work this morning saw a lot of ducks between Clinton River and Huron Pointe. Including Mallards. Hopefully we dont ice up to bad before the Jan hunt. Based on the way things are going, should be able to get access over in Algonac for the late season.
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should be able to get access over in Algonac for the late season.
see ya at the launch
Their were even more Friday. They would all lift up all across the lake at once and do a number of circles and then land. It was just a sight to be seen hundred of thousands of ducks all flying all at once. One thing that I am learning is that they do pattern in some areas and not in others, they also seem to follow certain flight p patterns across the lake. So this is my new plan of action study the large flocks as to how they act and try and get an idea of what they like in the area, so that next year….
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