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Making progress-broadheads?

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We're making progress on getting eveything setup for me transitioning into Tradition archery. Or should I say Tom at TOS is making progress. :lol: ;) I'm still waaay all over the target. :lol: I didn't catch his name, but Tom's co-worker there is also extremely knowlegdable.
I took my carbon express test kit in and Tom and his co-worker (please give me his name if you know it) got my arrow spine figured out. As predicted by others here, with my 40lbs at 28", it was the CX 150's cut very long. Right around 30". I think they decided on a little extra added weight insert with a 125 gr broadhead too. They weighed the whole arrow setup and they thought it was on the heavy side at quite a bit over 500gr, but they also said that the Whisperstick shoots with more punch than most 40lb bows. They also said the arrow flew great and for a hunting arrow, being that heavy was obviously a good thing. Heavy on paper, but the arrow flight looked great.

Now a quick question on broadheads. I like out of the box sharp. At least for now, I don't want to sharpen broadheads.
The Stingers are highly suggested. Any thoughts on 125 gr. 2 or 4 blade with my setup? Is 2 blade or 4 blade a better option? I'm partial to 4 blade for cutting as much as possible.
And also, if I can shoot a 4 blade Stinger, why couldn't I shoot a 125 gr NAP Razorbak?
click broadheads, then razorbak.
It's cut on contact and even rotates with the arrow fletching and, when it hits a deer, the broadhead can still spin when it hits resistence and gets deeper penetration. They're great heads. Any thoughts why I couldn't use this broadhead with my Whisperstick? I see little difference between this head and other similar Trad 4 blades, other than it is allowed to spin.