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M.A Crappie, should I mount it?

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Last night I caught a 14 inch plus, Crappie. The fish meets the Master Angler criteria. I've caught three crappies in 10 years, with that I don't have much experiance in crappies, is 14 inches rare enough to have mounted? Or is that pretty common?
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That's big enough for a mount in my opinion. I've caught 12-13inchers regularly before but you start talking 14-15 and its mount worthy. 15 definitely, 14 is your call, but I think it would look good on a wall.
It's not one that I would have mounted,but if it's special to you I say DO IT! I have been spoiled in my lifetime,in that,I have caught quite a few large specks (15"+). 14 inches is a very respectable fish(white or black) for our state.

I would have probably just tossed it in the pan with the rest of them,though:lol: ! Crappies is good eatin'!

Congratulations,by the way!
no, it's not common and would indeed look nice mounted. My holy grail is the 15" crappie. If I ever find her go, I'll probably end up letting her, but one of these days I'd at least like to say hi...
Northbound said:
Or is that pretty common?
14 inches is a very nice crappy . . . but i have seen a 17 incher and that fish just makes me hold out on spending the cash to wait for something bigger . . . just ******* mount him (throw him in the freezer and take him out when you have company) hahahahaha :lol:
I've seen a few 14-15"ers in my time but the biggest was about 18"!
:yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes:
It's all up to you!
The one in my avitar was 14 1/2 inches. I got him this year. 14 inches is a nice size crappie. If you are unsure if you want to mount him, just take a nice high quality photo and that in my opinion is just as good. Nice fish by the way.
Yes, if the memories it evokes are worth the money....
That is a very nice crappie . Personally I wouldnt . If you dont fish much and dont hunt for crappies , than you may never catch one this big again in your life time . I personnally have caught crappies 16 inches long ,I hunt for them so to me I know I will find a bigger one someday , but if you dont fish for them with any regularity than maybe it is a trophy you should consider putting on the wall . Either way you win , it will either taste great or look great on the wall . If you do get it mounted , put a pic of it on the site so we can all see it . Good luck and happy fishin .
Thanks for the input everyone. I took him out of the livewell,for photos to apply for Master Angler and let him go. Hopefully a lucky youngster will catch him and have one for the memory book.
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