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Luna Pier

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Anybody ever fished Luna Pier, MI, in Monroe County?
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There was a discussion about night bite last October. It seems to be something in the past. I have fished Sterling State Park at night without much luck.
Sterling State Park, that sounds familiar. Where's that at?
Sterling is about a mile east of I75 (exit 15) in monroe check your PMs. :)
Okay, that's why it sounds familiar. Going through my PMs and e-mails and forum rants right now. :D
Did some scouting at Luna Pier this morning, and I tell you what, its not a pretty thing to see but rather interesting. There is some water but its low, low enough that on the right side of the peir where all those rocks are you can see the floor of the lake. I'm guessing its about you can see the floor for about 15-20 yards or so past the rocks before the water starts to creep in. On the left side (where you look at the houses) its low too, and the ice covers what little water is on there. The plus though is that since you can see the floor you can tell where the dips and curves and whatever drop offs are there, you can see and figure out things from there.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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