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LSC Sat.-Sunday report

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Got to test out the new toys this weekend. I don't know how I ever fished without that gps/sonar. I always bought the $80 gander mt. crapolla..... what a HUGE difference. I'm lucky that Fisheater knows what the heck to do with all of these electronics, cuz I was a little lost:) . Saturday night we limited out by the Firecracker. New boats first trip and a limit sure helps justify the cost..... for a little while. Sunday morning we fished with approx. 150 of our closest friends in the same area as the night before (not another boat out there Sat. night.) We ended up with 9 or 10 walters for the morning. Nice to see Mike The Elder and his son out there... It's been a while. I finally got to see what this "in Cahoots" boat was all about..... I think they know how to fish:lol: (at least after 10:00 a.m.) :lol: . Hope I didn't get you in trouble with the Mrs. by asking If you had that phone number John. I knew it was a long-shot anyway. The canal ride back to the launching area was one of the more memorable rides in a long time:corkysm55 :corkysm55 . I don't care if we're going to fish the detroit river, I WILL launch at this same place and motor down. LOTS of talent.:SHOCKED:
All in all, the new ride worked out pretty well. I enjoyed being out there and fishing with some familiar faces, and b.s.'n on the radio with ya'll. 5 more hours of break in and the 150 can finally be opened up... can't wait:evilsmile .
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Is what you refer to the firecracker as the st. clair light?Just wondering. Just got a nw boat myself. Was out yesterday morning and picked up 4 waleye.Congrats!
Wondering if you guys are running from 9 mile crocker or from the river? Thanks!
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