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Fished from shore yesterday for 2 hours from 9-11pm.
When I arrived immediately noticed 2 freshly(they still had a lot of color) dead floaters a smallmouth and a rock bass.
During the time out counted 7 total. Never noticed that many before.
Other than the first two the rest were seen separately at different intervals.
Was able to ID 4 . 1 LM,1 SM,and 2 Rock Bass(all descent sized fish).
The others were too far away to identify.
Seems reasonable that if I saw that many in two hours there were a whole lot more.
They all were being blown northward as the wind was from the south.
Likely that there will be a huge pile beached at Huron Point.

Of course there are multitudes of explanations ,
Believing that the recent heat has caused a temperature related stress die off.

Average water temperatures have risen about 11degrees F in the last 10 days.
Compared to one year ago it's 17 degrees higher . 50 then 67 today.

Rectangle Slope Plot Font Parallel

The maximum water temperature yesterday was 77F @ 3&4pm(Data from LCS buoy 45147)
Line Font Rectangle Parallel Pattern

Ended up hooking 3 fish on a 1/8 jig with yellow twister tail. 2 shook off before landed.
A mothlike hatch was on ,that abruptly ended around 10:30pm.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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