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Lower PM report

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Made the trip up for the weekend to visit with family and maybe hook into a brown or steelhead on Sunday. Water seemed kind of low and clear. I fished the popular spots in Custer and scottville for about 5 hours. I seen 0 fish on sand bars or gravel. Even though there isn’t much gravel in those areas. When I figured out they were backed into deep holes and feeding lanes, I decided to float jigs and waxies. I tried multiple rabbit and marabou jigs with no success. It got frustrating and I was starting to consider beads even though I never had success with them in the mid winter. So I tied on the smallest/blank 1/64 oz jig I had. You know, The pretty wonder bread patterned one. To sum up the trip, I hooked into 3 fish. Fresh ones at that. Chrome as could be. However I never landed one, I thought this info may help a couple of you guys out seeing as how our inland lakes are thawing with all the rain over the next 2 days and you guys may want to jump into the river to take that fisherman’s edge off that we all get. Good luck out there!
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I wouldn't expect to see any fish on gravel in February, especially that far downriver. Concentrate your efforts in dark water and deeper holes and runs
Drifted past multiple fish in shallow water up by Baldwin 2 weeks prior. Just figured I’d try the same approach further down river. Lesson learned.
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