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Lost Arrow Resort

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I booked a few days at Lost Arrow for my family. Has anyone been? It is near West Branch. Does anyone know where I can rent snowmobiles around there? We want to try them out but the resort could not recommend any place to rent. Any other comments about the place?
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Ah, yes. The ol' Lost Arrow.

My dad's cabin is a few miles south of there.

I don't know what to tell you (other than how to get there;) ).

No place that I know of around there to rent a snowmobile. They do have pheasant hunting there.

Other than the bar at the resort, the next closest one that I would recommend is Secord Lake Bar. The Wooden Shoe Bar on 61 usually has a band on the weekends.

A nice restaurant near there is The Willow Tree on M 30 just before West Branch.

Have fun, it should be kinda quiet and peaceful up there at this time of year.
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Not too far from Gladwin too.
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