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losee lake, pinckney state rec area?

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theres a small lake with public access on dexter-townhall road, between the main entrance to the state park and silver lake...does anybody know anything about it? ive seen a couple people fishing it from the shore in the summer and most recently seen a shanty on it. i live in the area and was thinking about trying it...any advice?
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i did not...i did fish four mile on sunday morning, 6 nice keeper gills, about 20 throwbacks and a small pike on a tip up...i dont have any electronics and i have no idea what that little lake is like. i think i might bring a kayak on losee this spring or summer and try to get a better idea of it. i did a drive by on friday and saw a group of guys fishing on the northwest corner of the lake so if i went anywhere i'd start there.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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