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I have about 6-7 acres of property that was CRP years ago and it is full of Autumn Olive, Japanese Barberry and other woody growth. It is 3-4 feet tall in some areas, but 6-8 feet tall in others.

I want to take it down and then plant grasses. I have a brush hog but it isn't quite strong enough (or maybe I lack the courage). I have cut a strip or two through the areas that are in the 3-4 feet tall section, but I am tired of messing with it and just want to jump start my habitat improvement. I am looking for someone with equipment that can cut it down so I can begin to spray and ultimately till it (next year).

If you are curious why I am just not letting it go, it is spotty and inconsistent. So, it is an area that doesn't feed, sleep or hold deer. I put a food plot in the middle and the deer didn't even go to that food plot. It is just to spotty to give deer a view or feel of cover so I want to take it down and start fresh.

Sanilac County. Looking for help. Please send me a PM if you offer services like this.

thank you.
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