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I took this from the cover dog form for anybody looking for a setter.

As many of you know, I have been battling some physical problems for the past year. I had surgery last week, and also am undergoing cortisone treatments for a hip injury. I expect to be firing on half of my cylinders by the first of the year, and pretty much fully recovered by the time the spring grouse trials begin. My medical treatments and recovery have necessitated two decisions: 1. To spend most of January and February training on wild quail in western Oklahoma, where the terrain and climate are easy (in comparison to the grouse woods); and 2. To sell some very nice dogs and puppies that I don't want to sell, but know I will not be able to handle for the next six months.
I will be leaving for Oklahoma around January 1. I will only be taking a very small string of gun dogs and field trial dogs to work. My limit will be 12 dogs, and I have a couple of vacancies that I am trying to fill. I have lined up close to 40,000 acres of prime wild quail habitat near Cheyenne, Oklahoma, very close to the state line in West Texas. State biologists say that this will be the best year for quail in a decade, and say that birds are up 55% over a year ago. Quail numbers should approach the very best West Texas has to offer. Unlike with Texas, in Oklahoma you won't have to worry about rattlesnakes biting your dog, and cactus and sandburs are much less of a problem.

I anticipate being able to get each dog I take out on wild birds several times a week. This is what it takes to start a young dog right, or to bring out the best in an older dog. My clients always have an open invitation to visit and work dogs with me, or to hunt over their dogs. Please contact me if you are interested in sending a dog on this trip.

Because I am recovering from surgery now, and will be away from home all winter, I am not going to be able to breed most of my English setter females, finish started dogs for sale, or give the attention to puppies that they deserve. Thus, I have some very nice dogs and puppies in all age ranges that are available for sale at very reasonable prices. Most of these dogs would not be for sale under normal circumstances, or would be sold for much higher prices. I simply need to make some major cutbacks now, so that Donna can handle the kennel while I am away. If you are looking for a dog or puppy for hunting, field trials or breeding, please let me know exactly what you want and I will let you know if I have any dogs that will fit your needs.

Contact John Yates at [email protected] it interested.
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