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Looking for a Saginaw River Map

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Does anyone know if there are any fishing maps available for the Saginaw River. I checked out the "Hotspots" map for Saginaw Bay, but it did not cover the river.
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If you buy a Saginaw Bay hot spots map you will find on back side a map of the river also. At least the older ones had it that way. Skeeter
Topozone.com is good when zoomed way in for a map of the river.
Thanks for the info guys!

"Skeeter" I checked out the Saginaw Bay Hotspots map the other day and the only river it showed on the back of the map was the Tittabawassee from Midland down to Saginaw. Not sure why? This might be a newer version of the hotspots map???

"Ruler" thanks for the web address!

Good fishin'
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Thanks for the link, Ruler. I bookmarked that one.
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