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Looking for a good Vizsla breeder

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I just had to put my Vizsla down a couple of days ago . IMO he was the best dog I ever had "temperament/companionship" so I am now looking for another one . I am interested in a HEALTHY male pup to be a pet and grouse dog in the fall . I have no interest in show or field trials or breeding . So I am primarily looking at health and temperament a couple white patches are not a big concern . I have been told that on point in Canada is good . I have also heard there are breeders in Linwood and Freeland "close to home for me" . I will not go back to the breeder I used before because my dog had thyroid problems and allergy problems so he was on thyroid pills his whole life and allot and antibiotics when he would break out bad . I feel this contributed to his dying earlier than would have been necessary at 11yrs . If you do not want to post please PM me with your good and bad experiences . I have contacted the VCA to see what they have to say but am trying to make the most informed decision I can to get a healthy well mannered pup
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If you have any doubt, I would invite you to come and watch my dogs work. Afro or not you will be impressed. If you like a dog that can handle cold, has great temperment, bigger bone (not hair) structure, and the hunt drive of a maniac you will like the wire over the smooth. When I got my Wired V I was looking for a smooth, you could not talk me into going with a smooth after owning a wire. If interested come on out to the field, I will put my money where my mouth is.
No as a matter fact I have not owned a smooth V, however I started hunting behind gundogs when I was first able to walk. About ten years ago I started to train them myself. I have both hunted and trained many smooths. I want to be clear, I am not cutting down the smooths at all. If you look at my previous post, I said I had set out to buy one when I ended up getting a wired V. My point is, this is a breed that many have not hunted behind or trained and my door is open to take one for a test drive for any responsible hunter who wants to learn about a new breed that is really growing in popularity. As the owner of several wired v's I have and will continue to promote this breed and be willing to share any information about it. The facts I mentioned are not at all derogatory to the smooth breed. They are simply facts.
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