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I may get very lucky with an opprotunity at work. I apprears that I'm going to be able to take a customer on a deer hunt paid for by my employer. I've gone on outfitted hunt before and have learned that some outfitters offer truly good hunts and others simple drop you in the woods with very little effort. I do check references and with outfitter assoc. before booking.

My question to you is: Has anyone booked a hunt (in the price range of 3500 - 4000 per person) that they would recommend the outfitter very highly? Canada or US matters not. I want both my customer and myself to see a desent amount of animal, as well as, have a chance at a good buck (140 or up).

There are so many guide services these days, I'm looking for that special place that someone might want to share. If you wish not to answer this over the forum, please e-mail me at:

[email protected]

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I've gone on guided deer hunts all over N. America and would rank my Wisconsin hunt from 2003 as the best one ever. The outfitter was Superior Guides and Outfitters (888-324-3238). Everybody in our bow camp saw at least one Booner and everybody had opportunities at multiple trophy class bucks. I went on a bow hunt, but the outfitter offers gun hunts too, but the outfitter told me that the archery success rate is higher due to the timing of the WI gun season after the primary rut. The hunt area was in northern WI in big woods country. We saw bears and wolves. The body sizes of the deer in the area were monstrous. The buck I took weighed 259 lbs. The hunt was hard core though as most of the buck movement was during mid-day, so all-day tree stand sits were required for optimum success. The stands were comfortable though and the accommodations, meals and sundries were all excellent.
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