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Looking for a cover for Frabill Ultralite

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I've been looking for the cover that Frabill makes for this shanty .... does anyone know if they actually exist? I've visited every sporting goods store in SW MI along with half dozen web sites that say they offer them - BUT NO ONE HAS ANY IN STOCK!

Any help would be appreciated (ph, web site, etc.) .... thanks!

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if it's a 2003 Ultralight, you want a #1658 cover I think. If it's a 2002 or older, I think it's a #1651.

Here's a link to Michigan dealers. Give them a call and see if you can find one.

Frabill dealers in Michigan

Good luck !
Thanks JP ..... but that link is where I started my futile search! I was hoping someone in this site could actually put their hands on one ..... I'll keep my fingers crossed.

BTW .... since you built that cool new box/seat, you probably don't need your cover any more do you? he he he

Sorry Mark. Hope you find what you're looking for.

Actually, I don't have a cover for mine. I didn't get one when I got it. I'll give Bass Pro Shop a call and see if they have any. If they do, I'll let you know. I know they carry Frabill covers there because I've seen them. It's just a matter of having one for the Ultralight.

Speaking of that box, you interested in it ? ;)
Money's been tight but I just discovered that it's a bit worse than I thought. I'll let it go for $100 plus shipping. ;) I NEED SOME CASH !
I appreciate your help John ... the reason I got this particular shanty is that it will fit in the trunk (barely!) of my Monte Carlo - but I'm sure it WOULDN'T with your box (sorry! - I bet someone else would love it though!). I do own an SUV but my wife seems to have it more than me!:(
I know the feeling Mark. I liked the bigger Frabill but I wanted something that would fit in the bed of my truck. I've only got a 54" bed on it due to the Crew Cab. The Ultralight is a little tight but it gets the job done.
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