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Long Lake - Alpena

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Heard the bite was on for perch on the north end of Long Lake. Me and a bud headed out without any previous experience on the lake 1/1/03 pm. Drove around until we found a spot off 23 on the NE side and hiked out about a mile before hitting 6.5 fow and set up. Of course, by now it's 4'o clock. we dropped a couple tip ups and started jigging. I picked up one 8" perch and my buddy got one 9" perch and then they shut down. We'd see'em down in the whole right up til dark, but no takers and we threw everything at them. Figured we've got a spot for 1/2/03. We fish from daylight to dark, from 6.5 fow to 17fow and got 2 - hammer handles on tip ups! All I have to say is my worst day of ice fishing is better than my best day doing most anything else:D I heard there's 6" of ice on Fletchers. There was a good 4 -6" of ice on Long Lake at the north end with some open water more toward the south. Hubbard was still all open except about 30% of East Bay. I did stop and see East Bay Ed - he's still optimistic about the outting at the 1st of Feb...I'll be there!
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