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Lone Snow Goose

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We got a lone snow goose hanging out on our lake this month with a bunch of Canada's. Kind of neat since we rarely see one around here in south central MI.

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Nice pics. I just spent an hour with my youngest and his friend staring at a lone Blue goose (different color phase but otherwise a snow) North of Ann Arbor on Nixon Rd and Dhu Varren in cut corn sitting with a few hundred Canada's. Pretty cool. I tried to take a photo but I killed the battery in the video camera. If it is there tomorrow I will post a shot.
Are you north of 23/14? There south of there now although I am sure you can draw them across the highway:D :D :D . I live about two miles down from there. If you ever need help killing birds let me know.
They should at least open up Snow's for the two day duck season. They probably think they aren't common so who cares. You can shoot everything except Pintails and any goose that is not a Canada. Canvasbacks are legal Saturday and Sunday. I am with kids this weekend so I am going to miss the whole thing anyway.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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