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Little Ride Tonight

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Called up stelmon and asked if he wanted to go for a drive today. He said sure and we met around 8. He sat out in the freezing winter air and took some pics because he thought some of you might enjoy them and I wanted some pictures of my jeep. Our plan was to take some pictures of chris and I flexing. My friend chris came along with his jeep, also.

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Chris's Jeep

We then went to another place.

Chris was the first to go up and down the small hill

Then it was my turn

The decend down the hill.

Hope you guys like the pictures if I did them right.

thanks dan and chris for coming with me
Cool pics. Looks like you guys were having fun!!!!!!
These pictures sure bring back memories my wife and I use to race off-road. After the second or third time the wife did a 8000 r.p.m. hole shot in third gear (we had T-10 speeds) it was buy transfer case gears, drive shafts, or dipers. We don't race anymore but we both still drive 4wheelers she drives a 02 S-10 ZR-1 and I drive the grocery getter 97 G.M.C. Yukon with 250,000 miles on it.
not bad for a jeep!!!!!!
LOL!!!! :bonk:
if ya want to put your jeep to a test come up and chill with us. we are having a 4x4 get together. lots of cool people who are 4x4 lovers like us. its just for fun and to meet new wheelers. bring as many as you want. check out my post on 4x4 get together in this forum for details if interested. see in the mud or on the trails. :hide:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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