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Linwood area

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Anyone have any ice condition reports / fishing reports?

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mcanes 1- last time I was out was prior to the warm up. I think it was Dec. 19/20. Tried at Palmer rd. and Linwood and went home without dinner and a wet foot!! Small at both locations. I will be talking to a friend of mine but I think I will try further north, Standish or Wig-Wam bay area unless he has had luck else where. Also had a report from Sebawwing area and the report was the same-small. Where ever I end up it is going to be away from the pack. Shallow water and to many people have kept me from enjoying a plate full of enjoyment. This will end this week-end $&$^%&6767!!##%. My freezer stocks from this summer are getting LOW. If I hear anything I will post. Dream Catcher
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thanks Dreamcatcher.

My condolescences to your high school basketball team (Flushing).
Yesterday on my way in to work, they kept announcing on the radio, about some big news about Flushing's basketball team. Like the was a major catastrophe. Ended up being nine kids quit the team cause of a female coach issue.
yeah they sure did make a big deal out of that didn't they....i couldn't even listen to AM radio today without hearing about it.

to contribute something On topic: last time i was at sebawing there werent many eater perch around......would like to try for pikers!
mcanes 1- No problem bout the report. Wish it could be more current. Have not heard from my buddies in Augres so my plan is to go north, possibly the Pine. Basketball--don't really care. Dream Catcher is the name-fishing the game!!!!! Will post a report later. Stay dry. DC
Hey Scotty, my son plays for Lapeer West's freshmen team, and West kicked they crap out of FLushings freshmen team the night before. Talk about a program in disaray.

Dream Catcher, I heard a lot of reports, that didn't sound good for that area, so I headed up to Lake Margrethe for the evening fishing. 1 walleye, a couple of decent gills (so lots of nice gills on the camera), got out of the house at least.
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