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What kind is line do most guys use on the bay Mono? Fluorocarbon? Or braid with a leader??
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Braid w flouro leader

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I like 10lb power pro with a 6-8lb floro leader. If you fish out in the weather braid is not a good option as it will freeze to the line. Use a good quality ball bearing swivel to eliminate line twist. I also like to use no knot speed clips. Makes changing baits quick and easy.

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What kind is line do most guys use on the bay Mono? Fluorocarbon? Or braid with a leader??
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Staight 6lb Berkeley XT Let the rod and drag do the rest!
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6# fireline right to the lure in the river, n sometimes a 2' leader in the bay
4lb breaid tied to swivel with lure on swivel. No leaders. Catch alot of fish
10 lb. Fireline to a stainless, ball bearing snap swivel, to a moonshine spoon. No need for leaders.
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What color moonshine??
10lb Yellow power pro, 8lbmaxima flourocarbon leader
Bloody nose is first.
Second is the chart. And red with the reflective tape.
can we here the story

Stelmon, the only one.
Becareful out there..
I like a 1/4 ounce clown
What color moonshine??
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I use 20# power pro, a stiff rod and tight drag. I don't want to play around fighting fish and having them tangle in my other line during a hot bite or at prime time. I like to hook them and bring them straight through the hole and get it back down for the next one. I don't fish walleye for the fight...
I use 6lb p-line cxx (extra tough) all the way with a small quality barrel swivel about 16""-24" up from the lure.
It really is strong line. I've never had one break me off yet.. I took a limit of fish using it yesterday afternoon on the west side of the bay. The lake trout in my profile pic was taken using the same line also


6lb powerpro w/ 8lb floro
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