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Lime and plant question

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I was sitting in my deer blind this morning making plans for next year. I hunt over a small divided food plot. It covers about and acre with a ditch running through the middle of it. I have about 2/3 of it planted to rye this fall and plan to plow it down and plant it to clover in the spring. The other 1/3 is currently unplanted and I'm trying to figure out what to do with it. Here's my questions
1) Can I lime with the liquid lime in the spring and still get good results? 2) I would like to try something else in the other 1/3. Any suggestions? I have thought about rape. Will the deer eat this during November?

Thanks for your help,
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Mike, I asked the same question last fall. I called the company that makes the liquid lime and he told me I could mix the fertilzer and lime together and apply it at the same time. I did this in September using Imperial's No-Plow and it came up great.

They are real nice people if you have any questions they will do there best to answer them for you. His name was Greg Sawyer, phone #715/392-3011 toll free # 888/577-GROW.
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Mike, we are the Michigan distributers for the Aggrene products Nailer mentioned. You really need to do a soil sample. If the soil ph is 6.0 or above the liquid lime will do great. If your soil ph is below you really need to bag lime then use the liquid lime as a buffer. The liquid lime will stretch the life of the bag lime about 100%. Contact me if we can assist.
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