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Light Spruce streamer

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Start thread on Hook tie in Peacock swordtail fibers and trim excess.
Tie in floss wrap half of hook shank with red floss front half with Peacock hurl.
Tie in 2 spruce saddles for wing as shown in picture.
Tie in one more hackle for wrapping collar
Wrap collar tie off and trim excess
Wrap head and wipe finish and cement


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That is one of my all time ultimate go to streamers. It would be the first or second thing I would put in my box:


Do you mind if I borrow your picture to replace the crappy one I have on that fly recipe? It was one of the first I took with my digital camera. I'll just note that the light variant is shown in the picture.
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May classic patterns that produce will never fade from our pattern books.

So can I borrow your picture to upgrade the one that I have now?
I always liked that fly, and so have the brook trout I've caght on it. Beautifull tye OSD. I got one just like that from TODDSON in one of the swaps last summer. :)

Thanks for the shout out SALMONATOR. I like the fly myself. I do think that OSD's is nicer. I like the larger saddle hackle wings. Being new I am constantly trying not to put too much material on the hook. I forget that with alot of streamers this is the way they should be.

Beautiful Fly OSD.
Thanks Toddson
I remembered yours from the swap and had been thing of tying some when I found some spruce hackle.
well I finally found the hackle after digging through enough boxes.
I still haven't found the dark spruce hackle.

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Dark spruce, light spruce,... I like them both.
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