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LFTS 11/22

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I'm up before I should be (as usual) and by the looks from our weather lady, we are fogged in. So between that and I hate making noise when I go afield I'm going to wait and hunt this afternoon. Good luck to those that make it out.
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Congrats Trunk. I'll take that medium buck medium rare please. Great job, nice one.
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Here he is boys, I have seen some were around a dozen different bucks over the last 2 weeks. Haven’t laid eyes on this guy until today. Nearly shot a bigger one with the bow but couldn’t get a clean shot.

On a whim decided to come to work late and hunt this morning, they took off the last of the corn in the area after dark last night which helped the decision. Very active morning seeing a couple small bucks first thing, then a couple yearling does worked in front of me. I caught movement 40 yards out in some thick stuff and noticed a small 6 coming in but he had 2 others with him. Noticed some rack but couldn’t see much. He came into an opening to check out the doe fawns and I was debating whether to shoot or not. Well I quickly realized I was an idiot for thinking that and lined up the shot at 30 yards. He reared up on his hind legs, did a little circle and it was lights out. I then caught a whiff. You know that stanky tarsal glad stench. Cripes he is a rutty stanky deer and appears quite run down after the rut. Clinton County, over and out.
Blue jays are typically a sign that a big buck is coming, at least, that's what I learned on here over the years. Blue jay arrives stay put.
Throw a blue jay in the mix and i typically pack up and head back to the bar.
Great job on the plan b freezer stuffer. Good luck the rest of the season. Congrats.
No mature bucks appeared so I took this doe with a few minutes of shooting light left. I already have one buck in the freezer and plan to get another one so this will be divided up amongst the family.
If I'm not out tomorrow, I'll be out again on Thursday.
Stay safe everyone and good luck tomorrow if you're going out. View attachment 868258
Turn up the volume Rando 😡
I wouldn't know, i typically take care of em' with the .243, get down and let the stand rest for a couple days. No buck is worth suffering through their stupid call and aggressive behavior.
Nothing worse than invasive Canuck blue jays. I hear they’re good eatin.
Need an open season on those bastards. Probably invasive from Toronto anyways.
Ya but da Canadian beavers not bad eh.
Probably as good as a canadian goose 🥵
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