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LFTS 11/22

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I'm up before I should be (as usual) and by the looks from our weather lady, we are fogged in. So between that and I hate making noise when I go afield I'm going to wait and hunt this afternoon. Good luck to those that make it out.
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Awesome, they are pretty animals, but they look their best just like that!!!
Jumped down for a minute to get the pic. Been real slow for the last hour but the sun feels good
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I hate it especially when it’s the tree I’m in, lol
Nice picture, they are pretty birds. But they tend to find the nearest tree when I'm extra hungover and start banging away. Ive even switched spots and had them follow me.
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Best way to shake off a hangover, that’s for sure
Throw a blue jay in the mix and i typically pack up and head back to the bar.
Especially the French girl from New Foundland I used to roll around with.
Ya but da Canadian beavers not bad eh.
She was a long and lean brunette with long azz hair and I could hardly understand a word she said, but she was hot and fun
Im sure she "rolled" pretty easily
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