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Lexington Kings and Smelt

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Word just in from some boaters that got on the lake yesterday is this.....the kings are showing up. Spotted from 12-30' of water with large schools of bait (smelt?) all over. It has begun!

I also have disturbing news! Looks like we may be out of biz by the end of the month so anyone looking to save money better hurry in....I am cleaning house!

Hope to see you on the lake!
Good luck!!
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screw the report mike! thats awful news. i hope to get to see you before the doors close. will the restaurant stay open? you have been apreciated by many here on this site. hope you continue to visit and best wishes for your future.:(
That's horrible new mike. You provide the best report for lexington and sanillac.:( Thanks for the post you have provided through the last few years.
sorry to hear that Mike,wish you the best at whatever comes next.
after re reading your post I see you have a "may" before going out of business.Hope it works out for you.Hate to see you close up shop.
Mike...sorry to hear that, hope things work out for you! All the best in the future!
If things dont work out please know you were appreciated. Nate (fishin addiction)
Hey Mike sorry to read that you are having to close up shop.I have always frequented your place when I came up to lexington to fish and have sent many customers to your store.You have a nice location for a bait shop and good selection of bait and tackle.Good luck in the future with what ever venture you should chose to pursue.
Also thanks for the reports<I know many of us fisherman have appreciated you keeping in touch with us.:D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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