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Leelanau, ice

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Does anybody no if we can take a machine out on the lake yet or in the narrows? Are they catching any eye's,
or perch . I am coming up on valintines day for a while, need to know if I would be safe to bring up the sled.
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No machines yet. Many bigger lakes are open water and most lakes in the area that are fishable are walkable only. If we keep the cold temps that are in the forecast, then Valentines Day might have machine travel.
OK, thanks for your info. If you don't mind I will try and get another post out to you around the 9th or 10th of Feb. ?
This is crazy weather we are having latley, I'm usually fishing Saginaw bay by now. I am getting cabin fever !
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Saw the first guy ice fishing south of 204 as I was heading home from work today at the narrows.

Cold weather next week should help lock it up.
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OK Sounds good . Yes we are suppose to get some regular winter temps now . It's about time.
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