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Law Definition Please ?

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Mr. Boehr ? Would you please define this law in layman terms please ? I read it one way and your answer to me a while back seems to counter this law. The way that I read this is, another hunter cannot discharge a firearm walking down the road where there is private property on one side of the road and state land on the other if they do not have permisson of the landowner. Or is the differance of a public Highway and county seasonal road differant? I'm not trying to stir the pot at all I'm simply trying to understand the direct meaning of this law. Thanks

MCL324.73103. (1) A person shall not discharge a firearm within the right-of-way of a public highway adjoining or abutting any platted property, fenced, enclosed, or posted property, farm property, or a wooded area connected to farm property without the consent of the owner of the abutting property or his or her lessee or agent.
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In layman terms this means if your walking down a road and see a deer run across the road onto private land, if you don't have permission to hunt the private land, all you can do is watch the deer walk away.
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