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Late season ducks

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What a Great weekend for late Duck Hunting, to bad there wern't many ducks around, at least in my areas. Saturday a friend of mine, an super duck hunter and his amazing dog Chase wanted me to go along with them, I couldn't pass up the chance, I knew I only had one of the last two days to hunt. Dan had a spot picked out on a river, he said that we should have some shooting, but with all the open water and limited amount of ducks he was somewhat skeptical. But just the Chance to see Chase and Dan in action are worth the price of waking up at 3:30am. We didn't see many ducks, but the few we did see Dan worked them Very Slowly but surely in. We saws tons of Geese, and few divers, but the prize of the day was when a couple Drake Blacks came in and Dan knocked a beauty down, after they circled 6-7 times. As with everything that hits the water, Chase (A true Pointing Lab) made short work of the retrieve. What a great Hunt...

Chase, helping out picking up empty's..
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Nice black! One of my favorite ducks. Boy they love to circle.
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