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Late Muskegon report, 12/17/03 - pics!

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Last week, my first week of break after a grueling semester, I took the opportunity to go fishing. Met up with John (Quest32a) and did some fishing at Tippy on monday and tuesday. Fishing wasnt so hot, I hooked and lost only one steelhead but the trout sure kept me and my rookie friend Rick busy. On wednesday Rick and I went down to fish the Muskegon with an old friend of mine in his boat. The temps were cold but the fishing was good. Drifting spawn sacs through the deepest holes we could find proved to be the ticket in all areas of the river we fished. I went 1 for 2 (landed a 5 or 6 pound male) and my friend Rick also caught his first. It was a small fish but the first ones are the best, and man did it have some great colors. I would have made this report much sooner but since I left my digital camera memory card reader up at school I had to wait until I could borrow my aunt's who I finally saw at our annual Christmas Eve get together. Here are some pics:

Ready to roll:

My fish, maybe 6 pounds:

Rick's first steelhead, too bad his head is cut out! Look at the colors!

Pine Street in winter:

A great time out on the water!
Merry Christmas everyone!
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Hey Steely-
Nice fish man and report, conrats!!!

Merry Christmas!!!
Hey cool Art, i guess i don't know how i had missed this thread. Congrats on the fish.
Great report and nice fish! You must've been holding that buck way out 'cuz he looks bigger than 6#! Nice fish and congrats to the rookie!
Take care...Sid
Thanks for the report and your always excellent pix. Keep it up young man....hooking and taking fish.....and you'll find yourself going barbless along with the rest of that motley crew next Labor Day Weekend at the tourney!!!!!!!!!!!...............LOL!
Great job Art! It never ceases to amaze me how gorgeous those fish are!
Now if we can just get some ice on the Saginaw, we'll see if you can keep that good luck of yours going......Patch
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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