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Well it hasnt been the greatest of hunting but I experienced a few first. I shot my first male and female pintails. I went on a few more refuge hunts then I normally do, those were alright but nothing spectular.(thats where i got the pinnies). we dont have that many birds around like normal, i think the weather is playing a huge part in that. we have had some good hunts and some bad as usual. Haven't been huntin waterfowl lately because of deer season(should of stayed with the ducks). Did shot a wounded three point and my step brother got a real big three legged male coyote in the UP. there is absoulutley no deer up there right now. we seen 2 does and five coyotes over the weekend. something wrong with that picture.
here are a few coots from the refuge, never seen them before so i had to shoot them.lol

Real rainy day, ducks wouldnt work worth nothin.

Yet another day we should of piled them, had over three hundred in the field, real smart birds though, ended with seven.

Standing corn hunt at night, got four geese and three mallards.

Another real rainy day, didnt think we would see any ducks. Shot alot and got a few wood ducks. they were attacking the mojo. Great Day though i think we got five woodies, 6 mallards and a goose.
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