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Large O.D. carbons

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Now that bowseason is over (for me) I have been wanting to make the change from aluminum to carbon. Do any of you guys have any advise on the large diameter carbons available ? I am leaning toward the CXL from Game Tracker, or the fat shaft from Carbon Impact.
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I have used the Fat Shafts from Carbon Impact with good success. They are extremely durable. Shot very well to considering they didn't have as high of a straitness factor as some others. I am currently using Carbon Express Terminator Hunter Selects with the Buff Tuff Camo. These are heavy for carbons but I really like them. The larger diameter carbons are easier to tune than smaller diameter carbons. And they are almost a requirement if you choose to shoot a fixed blade broadhead. I use a full helical with feathers on my Carbon Express' and have no problems with 100 gr. fixed heads. Getting helical fletching on small arrows is tough and rest clearance becomes a big issue. I use a drop away though so clearance isn't an issue anyway.
Based on my experience with these two carbons, I will never go back to Aluminum.
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TA.....I'm using the same shaft as Swamp Monster. This has been my first year with them.....spring/summer targets, fall hunting. And, like SM, I ain't goin' back to aluminum. The shaft has been durable and accurate. Aluminums, for me, were accurate but not very durable.....especially the "light' models from Easton. After a summer of target shooting with aluminums very few shafts out of two dozen could pass a broadhead 'spin' test.

That's not to say this model of carbons is indestructible. They are not. I've hit rocks, trees, deer..... all of which resulted in either the shaft breaking or going out of 'true' (can't 'spin' test). But they certainly are more resistant to wear & tear than aluminum.

I paid about $50 for a dozen raw shafts cut to lenght with nocks & inserts installed. From Mountain Archery....an Idaho retailer who advertises on the internet.
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