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Large Lot of Trolling - Planer Board Fishing Items

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Selling a very large lot of trolling and planer board items that are no use to me. Some are new - some are used and dirty and need to be cleaned but all are useable fishing items. Some of the items in this lot are....
30 Luhr Jensen/Les Davis Trolling Dodgers
13 Releases
6 trolling Boards Off shore L & Otter
7 Luhr Jensen/Les Davis Trolling Flashers
9 Dipsy Diver - Deep Six - Jet Diver
4 Spools of Planer Board/Downrigger Line
Many Misc. Lures and hardware (see all Pictures)
My numbers might be off some - what is in the pics is what is for sale in this lot - would like to sell the whole lot and not break it up. PM's welcome $200.00 Gene in Hemlock (just W. of Saginaw) Thanks *** If picked up by 2-24 $150.00 buys it ***


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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