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Last year I went fishing with OZZGOOD2001 and MSUICEMAN. Well I fired upthe new Coleman Northstar and it started to whistle real loud . I just about had an accident not to be grose about it . It scared the heck out of MSUICEMAN too. OzZGood was in his shanty and said ''Is that thing going to blast off like a rocket? Needless to say I shut down " Ole Whistler" and borrowed OZZY's propane gas lantern . Even two kids come running and asked what was wrong. Man I had alot of rassing to contend with after that. All in fun though. So like WalleyeMike said I went to K-Mart and replacer the generator and silenced "Ole Whistler'' . Like Paul Harvey Says '' And now thats the...Rest .. of ... the ...story.. good-day!:D
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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